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Improved Biomass Cookstoves

Main purpose of this effort is to enhance the livelihood of rural and tribal communities in the project area by providing them with improved cook stoves, and employment opportunities, and increasing awareness of  GHG emissions.

Through this community-engaging project, we plan to introduce and teach clean cooking practices, reduce Household Air Pollution (HAP), and thereby lower health risks amongst rural and tribal households.
The proposed project replaces traditional, high GHG emitting and low efficient stoves used in rural parts of the project area with Improved Cookstoves (ICS), which have more thermal efficiency and cause lesser air pollution.

The project not only aims to reduce greenhouse gases but also intends to create a domino effect in the communities by:


  1. Providing employment opportunities through distribution and maintenance of cookstoves

  2. Reducing time spent collecting firewood

  3. Decreasing the chances of assaults that women go through while collecting firewood

  4. Improving the overall health of families who suffer due to Household Air Pollution (HAP) caused by the usage of older and traditional cookstoves

The project will distribute improved cook stoves among the households in the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh. This project will distribute 15,000 ICS and will reach over 7,000 households. The project through which the burning of biomass fuel will be reduced will amount to GHG reductions of an average of 89,696 tCO2e annually.

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